Confessions of a Sargeemprenkstarobodeb

Its hard when you are one of these, impossible when you are all of them.

Sarcastic, geek, emo, preppy, rockstar, nobody, celeb.

According to yahoo answers a prep, is a person who is good, sophisticated and classic. They are not sluts. So forget my Plut expression. Ok. Please. Yeah. Just go and say to your friends there is no such thing as a plut. :) its a fun word though.  Plut. Plut. Plut. Haha. They are apparently the opposite of emos! Which i get. I'm not a true prep at all...but that increases the point of this blog. Nobody is just one stereotype. I have preppy moments. Heck probably a preppy kid has emo moments.  I'm not preppy. I'm sargeemprenkstarobodeb'y. Its hard being me, but I ain't fuckin givin' up yet.


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