Confessions of a Sargeemprenkstarobodeb

Its hard when you are one of these, impossible when you are all of them.

Sarcastic, geek, emo, preppy, rockstar, nobody, celeb.

I think its really unfair how preppy people are sometimes labeled as sluts. Now, i'm not saying that preppy people aren't sluts. Because some are pluts. (Slutty Preps.) But still. Now i'm gonna say to balance this one out. I sometimes think of myself as a virgin slut. I've never done the dirty but boy do I think about it a lot. Too much really. I kind of have a preppy side. I'm a chirpy girl. (most of the time) But most of all, this makes me a bit mad. If you read Twilight Fanfiction, you will see its a trend to have all the preppy girls, the bad girls. The ones you just want to hate.  Why? I don't really know. Now, the most hated side of me is the preppy side, the Ga-linda side. (wicked musical reference) Gee, what a wonderful thing. Now listen... what does it mean to be preppy? Without the stereotypical side? Do you have to say like in every fuckin' sentence to be a preppy girl? Or do you just have to wear pink and very short skirts? Maybe its deeper than that. Maybe you just have to be cheerful and popular? (is that /really/ deeper?) Is it a state of mind? Because i really don't have a clue. Is preppy polly, really a preppy polly?

A really confused,
Preppy (?) Polly


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