Confessions of a Sargeemprenkstarobodeb

Its hard when you are one of these, impossible when you are all of them.

Sarcastic, geek, emo, preppy, rockstar, nobody, celeb.

You'd think that all of my personalities would mean I have a lot of friends. Right? WRONG! Being me, I only have one or 2 friends, Cordelia* and Diana* (*: Names have been changed) I have tons of people who I just know and am friendly with. But its not the same. I have hardly anyone who i can just talk and not worry about being judged. Its almost unnerving being me. Living in a constant state of fear that your abundant secrets will be spilled, causing everything you've worked for to be...ruined. And don't even get started about boyfriends, I'm not ugly, i just dont know any boys! I'm homeschooled if you think its impossible. Its possible I assure you. I am boy crazy and not afraid to admit it. Shamefully, if i was not a virgin i'd be a slut. :-/ I'm not the most innocent girl on the block and i think that adds to my lack of kindredspiritship. :(  Love is one of those things for me, that you dream of, day dream of, masturbate to, but its near impossible to grasp. Don't even get me started on true love. >:] Basically, I'm lonely. And no you ip's, (internet predators) I'm not looking for company, I'm bitching like a pms-ing teen about not having any company. Big Diff. 

"Haven't you heard, I'm the Crazy Bitch In Town"

Nobody Nancy

what up? its me the multifaced girl, ALIVE. Boy oh boy do we have some catching up to do. :) I'm still as misunderstood girl you remember me as. :) Maybe even more! :o Why am i using so many EFFING SMILEYS. I have a shame show now, Gossip Girl. The show that I hate to say that I lurve. Chuck bass could steal my virginity in the back of his limo any day. *swoonertown*  hahhaha. I'm in a overly laughable mood, somethings wrong. :( I must be BI POLAR! omgizzle sauce. *slaps head* shut up!  Sigh, I hate being so hyper because nobody takes me seriously. *breaks out singing "Its a hard knock life for me! its a hard knock life for me!" I am not a bubble gum girl, I am, Me. and nobody else. Grrr. But remember. As Georgina Sparks says :P

"Tell Jesus, The Bitch is Back"

Sarcastic Sally. ;)

What stereotype do you belong to?
Your Result: Emo

writes poetry, cries a lot, single, wears a lot of black, dyed hair black, wears hair in front of their face, would rather be alone than with people, has a myspace to meet other emo people

No stereotype
Well would you look at that? I'm a Emo/Punk/Loner. Well, I agree honestly. But, There are more sides of me than that! Pshhh.

Paramore, is easily my favorite band. If you haven't heard them, either you've been living under a rock, or you just aren't up on the latest music. They are an Alternative Rock band. Some people consider them Emo Pop. If you really like to look into lyrical meanings, they are amazing. So many interpretations can be made. The most amazing songs are (in my opinion) Pressure, Conspiracy, When it Rains and Born For This. Obviously this the good. The other good news is, the good outweighs the bad, but this bad, really pisses me off. Ever since Paramore, was featured in the Twilight Soundtrack, Paramore became super popular. But what started to happen was the Twi-haters hated Paramore, because they were associated with Twilight. Twilight hurt Paramore. Me being a fan before Twilight, tried to get my friends to listen to them, but would they? No. So then when twilight came along, they decided to say, OMG! have you heard them? They are AMAZING! Complete Bull. They are amazing, but now there are a bunch of peeps, claiming that they "love paramore" when the only songs they know are Misery Business and Decode. And they don't even know the name of their first album. But lets get past the ranting. Paramore, is a life saver for me. Paramore can cheer me up. (Misery Business, CrushCrushCrush, Born For This and Fences) But sometimes I need a good cry, (When It Rains, Conspiracy.)  But even the upbeat songs that cheer me up can evoke powerful emotions. The lyrics touch you if you let them. For example, for a great day listen to, "Born for this." And listen to the lyric , Everybody sing, like its the last song you will ever sing, everybody live, like its the last day you will ever see, Empowering! But lets say that you're feeling down and just plain old. Sad. Ponder on the lyrics, I just keep on falling back to the same road, where's hope when misery keeps crawling, oh my way, hey. I could make many more examples. If I didn't have Paramore, I might be dead. That may sound like exaggeration which it might be, I dont know. 

Barely holding on, 
Rockstar Rhona

You are 64% Emo. While you may not be completely emo, you have a sensitive, deep, troubled soul.


Ok so there it is.  I'm 64 % emo. I find the emo stereotype extremely hyped and misunderstood. People who aren't emo just don't get that, emo people aren't just stupid gay/bisexual people who bitch and moan about how terrible their life is all the while listening to screamo and wearing tight pants. NO NO NO! Its really not. Its more than music and tight pants, its a way of life. No it doesn't have to include cutting yourself! Honestly, its just so hard to explain. And i'm tearing up right now. Because, i think of death a lot. And suicide. a lot. But, its weird because although I have moments where i wish to die, dying wont help anything and by being human, you have much to live for. Now...a common misconception is that goths and emo's are exactly alike. NO! they aren't. Emo's hate themselves, Goths don't. Their anger is more outwards. The most touching song lyrics in my life are:

"Forgetting, All the hurt inside we've learned to hide so well." Linkin Park's Leave out all the rest

"Explain to me, this conspiracy against me. And tell me how i've lost my power." Paramore's Conspiracy.

"You said you read me like a book, but all the pages are torn and frayed." My Chemical Romance's I'm not okay.

"I once lived in a tree house, I once lived in a cake. But I never saw how the orange slayed the rake." The Llama song. (JUST KIDDING! Sarcastic Sally says hi!)

Thats it...No more blogging now...

Poor Unfortunate Soul,
Emo Eden 

According to yahoo answers a prep, is a person who is good, sophisticated and classic. They are not sluts. So forget my Plut expression. Ok. Please. Yeah. Just go and say to your friends there is no such thing as a plut. :) its a fun word though.  Plut. Plut. Plut. Haha. They are apparently the opposite of emos! Which i get. I'm not a true prep at all...but that increases the point of this blog. Nobody is just one stereotype. I have preppy moments. Heck probably a preppy kid has emo moments.  I'm not preppy. I'm sargeemprenkstarobodeb'y. Its hard being me, but I ain't fuckin givin' up yet.

I think its really unfair how preppy people are sometimes labeled as sluts. Now, i'm not saying that preppy people aren't sluts. Because some are pluts. (Slutty Preps.) But still. Now i'm gonna say to balance this one out. I sometimes think of myself as a virgin slut. I've never done the dirty but boy do I think about it a lot. Too much really. I kind of have a preppy side. I'm a chirpy girl. (most of the time) But most of all, this makes me a bit mad. If you read Twilight Fanfiction, you will see its a trend to have all the preppy girls, the bad girls. The ones you just want to hate.  Why? I don't really know. Now, the most hated side of me is the preppy side, the Ga-linda side. (wicked musical reference) Gee, what a wonderful thing. Now listen... what does it mean to be preppy? Without the stereotypical side? Do you have to say like in every fuckin' sentence to be a preppy girl? Or do you just have to wear pink and very short skirts? Maybe its deeper than that. Maybe you just have to be cheerful and popular? (is that /really/ deeper?) Is it a state of mind? Because i really don't have a clue. Is preppy polly, really a preppy polly?

A really confused,
Preppy (?) Polly