Confessions of a Sargeemprenkstarobodeb

Its hard when you are one of these, impossible when you are all of them.

Sarcastic, geek, emo, preppy, rockstar, nobody, celeb.

Paramore, is easily my favorite band. If you haven't heard them, either you've been living under a rock, or you just aren't up on the latest music. They are an Alternative Rock band. Some people consider them Emo Pop. If you really like to look into lyrical meanings, they are amazing. So many interpretations can be made. The most amazing songs are (in my opinion) Pressure, Conspiracy, When it Rains and Born For This. Obviously this the good. The other good news is, the good outweighs the bad, but this bad, really pisses me off. Ever since Paramore, was featured in the Twilight Soundtrack, Paramore became super popular. But what started to happen was the Twi-haters hated Paramore, because they were associated with Twilight. Twilight hurt Paramore. Me being a fan before Twilight, tried to get my friends to listen to them, but would they? No. So then when twilight came along, they decided to say, OMG! have you heard them? They are AMAZING! Complete Bull. They are amazing, but now there are a bunch of peeps, claiming that they "love paramore" when the only songs they know are Misery Business and Decode. And they don't even know the name of their first album. But lets get past the ranting. Paramore, is a life saver for me. Paramore can cheer me up. (Misery Business, CrushCrushCrush, Born For This and Fences) But sometimes I need a good cry, (When It Rains, Conspiracy.)  But even the upbeat songs that cheer me up can evoke powerful emotions. The lyrics touch you if you let them. For example, for a great day listen to, "Born for this." And listen to the lyric , Everybody sing, like its the last song you will ever sing, everybody live, like its the last day you will ever see, Empowering! But lets say that you're feeling down and just plain old. Sad. Ponder on the lyrics, I just keep on falling back to the same road, where's hope when misery keeps crawling, oh my way, hey. I could make many more examples. If I didn't have Paramore, I might be dead. That may sound like exaggeration which it might be, I dont know. 

Barely holding on, 
Rockstar Rhona


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