Confessions of a Sargeemprenkstarobodeb

Its hard when you are one of these, impossible when you are all of them.

Sarcastic, geek, emo, preppy, rockstar, nobody, celeb.

You are 64% Emo. While you may not be completely emo, you have a sensitive, deep, troubled soul.


Ok so there it is.  I'm 64 % emo. I find the emo stereotype extremely hyped and misunderstood. People who aren't emo just don't get that, emo people aren't just stupid gay/bisexual people who bitch and moan about how terrible their life is all the while listening to screamo and wearing tight pants. NO NO NO! Its really not. Its more than music and tight pants, its a way of life. No it doesn't have to include cutting yourself! Honestly, its just so hard to explain. And i'm tearing up right now. Because, i think of death a lot. And suicide. a lot. But, its weird because although I have moments where i wish to die, dying wont help anything and by being human, you have much to live for. Now...a common misconception is that goths and emo's are exactly alike. NO! they aren't. Emo's hate themselves, Goths don't. Their anger is more outwards. The most touching song lyrics in my life are:

"Forgetting, All the hurt inside we've learned to hide so well." Linkin Park's Leave out all the rest

"Explain to me, this conspiracy against me. And tell me how i've lost my power." Paramore's Conspiracy.

"You said you read me like a book, but all the pages are torn and frayed." My Chemical Romance's I'm not okay.

"I once lived in a tree house, I once lived in a cake. But I never saw how the orange slayed the rake." The Llama song. (JUST KIDDING! Sarcastic Sally says hi!)

Thats it...No more blogging now...

Poor Unfortunate Soul,
Emo Eden 


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