Confessions of a Sargeemprenkstarobodeb

Its hard when you are one of these, impossible when you are all of them.

Sarcastic, geek, emo, preppy, rockstar, nobody, celeb.

what up? its me the multifaced girl, ALIVE. Boy oh boy do we have some catching up to do. :) I'm still as misunderstood girl you remember me as. :) Maybe even more! :o Why am i using so many EFFING SMILEYS. I have a shame show now, Gossip Girl. The show that I hate to say that I lurve. Chuck bass could steal my virginity in the back of his limo any day. *swoonertown*  hahhaha. I'm in a overly laughable mood, somethings wrong. :( I must be BI POLAR! omgizzle sauce. *slaps head* shut up!  Sigh, I hate being so hyper because nobody takes me seriously. *breaks out singing "Its a hard knock life for me! its a hard knock life for me!" I am not a bubble gum girl, I am, Me. and nobody else. Grrr. But remember. As Georgina Sparks says :P

"Tell Jesus, The Bitch is Back"

Sarcastic Sally. ;)


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